Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

We thank you for reviewing our Privacy Policy. Your privacy is our topmost priority. We ensure that your personal information is protected well and used only according to our privacy policy. We have created this Privacy Policy to provide you an idea about all the personal details we ask from you when you access our services, purchase our products, or create an account on our website. Our policies also explain how we use the information and how we share and protect our customers' personal information.

We request you to accept our privacy policy

We request all our customers to go through our privacy policy before buying any of our products or accessing our services. If our policy does not have your consent, please avoid purchasing our medicines or using any services. We try our level best to make you understand what sort of details we take from you when you visit our online pharmacy. Or how do we use such information. Using our services is totally voluntary in nature, and if you access our site, we would like to believe that-

  1. You have gone through and understood our Privacy Policy.
  2. You agree that your usages of the site are subject to our terms and policies of use.
  3. You agree that we collect and use your non-personal and personal information as per the guidelines of the privacy policy, which is updated and changed from time to time.
  4.  At any point in time, we reserve the right to disclose any detail, which may also include personal or non-personal information to obey any law, government order, legal process, or any such action.
  5. Disclosing of information can also occur to protect our company's rights or to look after the company’s assets. Also, such actions can be taken in case of emergencies when there is a risk to safety or fraud.

What kind of information do we collect?

When you use our services, there are various types of details that may be asked from you, such as-

  1. Non-Personal details
  2. Personal information, although more specific personal details, are not collected that frequently.
  3. Our online pharmacy does not ask for any information related to children
  4. We also collect some anonymous data in accordance with the use of the Site. Here is a list of all the details that we collect when you use to visit our site-
  • Internet domain used by you to access the internet
  • Your IP address and web site’s IP address through which you reached our website.
  • The kind of web browser you use
  • Time and date when you used our website
  • The pages visited by you.

Although, any of the above mentioned gathered information, is non- personal in nature, and does not identify any of the users. Our company uses this sort of Non-Personal Information to examine how effective our website is.

We also use the information to look for required changes to provide the user with a better experience. Such details are also taken through cookies. If you wish to purchase any product, be it prescribed or non-prescribed from our website, we may ask you to provide us your personal information up to some extent, which may be related to health or transnational information.

Please understand all these details are important for us to process and deliver your orders.Also, personal information is required to provide you individual and personalized services, or else, we cannot provide customized services to anonymous users.

The types of personal information that we ask for may include, your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, account/transaction details, health information, and medical history. We make sure all this information are protected well.

By providing such information, we believe that you consent to our collection of information and how we use it, as mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Although our privacy policy is subject to change, we revise it time and again to keep up with the latest services and provide you the best possible access to our website and services.